Urban to Wilderness Bushcraft Survival, Wilderness Medicine, Preparedness

“Protect yourself and those you love with the skills to survive”

Would you be prepared if…

***You, your spouse, or your child were driving alone in an out of the way place in the dark and got stranded with no cell service?

***You and your family faced a natural disaster that takes out all electric, readily available water, & cell service?

***You or your family or children are hiking off trail and you or a loved one sustained an injury with no cell service (Wilderness First Aid)?

***You or your family faced someone who wanted to do you harm?

***Someone breaks in while you or a loved one are home alone?

***If you have to bug out, do you have items needed in but-out-bags ready to go at any given moment?

***Can you or your family survive in the wilderness with the knowledge of the Four Threes Rule?

***Do you possess the skills for Primitive Fire Making, Shelter Construction, preparing Potable Water from unsafe water sources, Hunting or Trapping wild game (recognizing game trails)?

***Are you prepared to survive any situation…Is your family prepared?

What is offered at Valkyries Den of Wolves Bushcraft Survival School (VDOWBSS)

Classes prepare those who are unprepared to be prepared for any situation. We teach confidence while teaching skills needed to survive in Urban or Wilderness settings. 

*Essentials to always have in your vehicles               

*Essentials to always have packed at home for bugging out

*Essentials to always have at home for disasters   

*Learn CPR

*Learn to Network

*Learn the Four Threes Rule & the skills needed   

*Learn Wilderness First Aid

*Learn Self-Defense & Situational Awareness                                                             

*Learn to make primitive traps                                                               

*Making plans for bugging out/hiking out                 

*Learn knot making 

*Learn Primitive Fire making                                           

*Learn Shelter Building

*Learn Basic Navigation 

*Learn Wilderness Medicine 

*Learn what tools are essential 

*Be prepared for any situation to stay safe                 

*And so much more….

Monique Marie-Instructor


Get lost in the Wilderness and find yourself

From left to right: EJ, Monique, Dale, Sam, Josh ‘Native’, Brian

Monique Marie trained by Professionals
Lifelong Friends:

Josh ‘Native’ Kirk from the TV show-Mountain Men

E.J. ‘Skullcrusher’ Snyder from the TV show-Naked and Afraid

Dale Stewart-World Traveler, Explorer, Author, Radio/TV personality 

Sam Lee-FourWinds Survival School

Lee Brown-FourWinds Survival School  

Mark Novy-a well trained Bushcraft Survivalist


Monique making a Bow Drill set out of raw material and starting a Bow Drill Fire (Four Winds Survival School)


Monique’s Credentials:

*Certified Black Belt-Two time National Champion in combat and Instructor with over 35 yrs experience

*EMT Certified

*Tactical Medic Advanced Certified


*Rescue Diver- PADI Scuba Certified

*Fire Fighter 

*Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Certified-Fire Engine/Tankard/Ambulance

*Auto Extrication Certified

*Haz-Mat Awareness/ Haz-Mat OPS Certified

*High Elevation Rope Rescue Certified

*CERT- Community Emergency Response Team (Beaufort County Current)

*Outdoor Survival and Bushcraft Trained

*Wilderness First Aid


Classes available 10 years old and up:  

1 Day

2 Day (overnight camping)

3 or more days customized training for family/friends available upon request

Level I: $150 ($250 over night/two day class)

*Camping for Beginners                               

*Shelter Building                             

*Finding & Sterilizing Water

*Make Bow Drill from raw material         

*Learn Bow Drill                             

*Learn your surroundings

*Learning to use  your tools   

*Learn notches for Primitive Trapping                    


Level II: $150 ($250 over night/two day class)

*Incorporate Level I Skills                               

*Wilderness First Aid                                          

*Knots & Ropes 

*Making Primitive tools                                     

*Making Primitive traps           


*Essentials to pack for Survival                       

*More ways to make Fire


Level III: $150 ($250 over night/two day class)

*Incorporate Level I & II skills                         

*Plan for bugging out                   

*Build your tool bag


*Learn bow & arrow                     

*Advanced Shelters

*Home Remedies & Essential oils that are ESSENTIAL 


Items Needed for Classes (those in red are mandatory):

*Sharp Fixed Blade                   

*Swiss Army Knife                         

*Water Bottle & Water

*Hand Sanitizer                           

*Sm/Med- Backpack                     

*Outdoor clothing weather appropriate

*Poncho/Rain Gear   

*Bug spray

*Folding Saw                                   

*Hatchet or Axe

*550 Paracord (1 roll)               

*Two Lighters                                 

* Food/Snacks-Especially if camping overnight 


If Camping Overnight along with above items:

*Overnight Camping Gear                 


*Sleeping bag & Pad

***You don’t need much equipment for our classes, though good equipment does speed up the learning process and makes learning a lot more enjoyable! Work smarter not harder! To survive, learn to exert as little energy as possible for end results!

***We are available for in-home instruction for Disaster Preparedness, Self-Defense, & how to set your home up for Home Defense.

****Kids Camps, after school, & school time programs available.

****Covid: For parents who need to work during these Covid times, we have times and 5 spaces left during the week for children 7 years and up to attend all day or half days. Email us for times and availability and pricing. Spaces filling up fast. After school work, we move outside for fishing, basic survival skills, bow and arrow, and much more.

****Discounts for families and groups

Email to schedule classes or for more info: ariesfire70@gmail.com

Outdoor Survival, Bushcraft, Wilderness Medicine, Preparedness.

Valkyries, considered Nordic Warrior Angels, were sent to choose the brave warriors on the fields of battle, men who were to die a mortal’s death only to enjoy the bounties of Valhalla. The Wolves Den consists of Fenrir and his sons Hati & Skoll and their offspring. Fenrir, son of Loki, bit off the hand of the god Tyr and was said to have been very important in the battle of Ragnarok, the final battle of sorts. It is myth but what an incredible tale it is.
***So, what better representatives for our school than ancient warrior angels-Valkyries and the spirit animal of the Wolf. We train to be strong, intelligent, brave and loyal. Let us teach our children to be the same.
Teach children to be kind, strong, intelligent, brave, loyal and self-reliant. Wisdom comes from experience and trial and error. Knowledge is power.
When there is no one to help you or your loved ones, you will be able to rely on yourself as your loved ones will be well versed in Outdoor Survival as well as Bushcraft, finding and gathering food, how to prepare it. Learn the following: How to build shelters, build fires with primitive methods as well as what fire-starting items to have your Bug Out Bags (BOBs). How to make water potable. What medical supplies to always carry with you in your car, in your BOBs and other places. How to apply basic life-saving measures when just camping or if your family does face more dire and austere situations. Women and children need to learn Survival, Bushcraft, Wilderness Medicine and Preparedness along with their husbands and fathers and brothers. It is so very important in this day and age of technology to get the kids out and teach them about the ever vanishing world of nature and how to survive if the need ever arises. Women and children learning Bushcraft alongside men is a bonding experience never to be be forgotten nor equalled. The smile on a child’s face when they accomplish the outdoor tasks is an amazing thing to witness. I know because I teach my 13 year old daughter the skills needed to see her safe in the woods and at home. She loves to learn and she thrives in learning everything I throw at her. Even target practice with her recurve bow. My daughter is a Junior Survival Instructor and blossoms when teaching her peers Survival Skills. Baby steps at first, then hit the ground running. I never even camped until I was in my 40’s. It is an amazing time to bond with friends, brothers and sisters of the out of doors and with family. Over the years, I have met so many incredible people with outstanding skills and knowledge. I am blessed to have been accepted by so many and to be able to call upon them whenever needed. That is why we strive to make learning fun as well as easy to understand for beginners and enjoyable to all others at all levels. Going camping is always an adventure and a time for new ideas to be shared.
Hands on is the only way to customize skills to fit your capabilities. Getting outdoors and just doing it is what separates those who will be successful from those who only talk about it. Challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn and grow as a person and to develop new skills and new ideas. Get some dirt time!
We never stop learning. It is not the destination, but the journey that fills the soul…
Welcome to the Pack!!!
Welcome to Valkyries Den of Wolves Bushcraft Survival School~~Monique Marie